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Random Musings - December 24, 2009

Posted on: August 9, 2010 9:16 pm
*I've said for a few years now that a 12th team would help the Big Ten's national perception and keep us relavent into December, but wouldn't necessarily help the conference in bowls or in the current system. The BCS, as messed up as it is, has actually benefited the Big Ten and especially OSU since it's inception. Problem is, at some point, maybe by 2014, the BCS will cede to a playoff and we'll need to play into December to stay relavent as the seeds and invitations are sorted out. There are some efinite risks, but the Big Ten must evolve to stay competitive on a national scale.

In addition, everyone only mentions football when discussing Big Ten expansion. However, expansion would definitely benefit the other 30+ sports and academics, especially when considering exposure and overall reach. I for one would love to see a 12 or 14 team megaconference in basketball.

*For the first time in over 8-9 years, I think I need a break from fantasy. Still love it but seeing my All-Stars sink in December and get beat by minor league douchers in December gets old. Need a break. The most painful loss is still 2-3 years ago when I lost to a team in the championship led by Sage Rosenfelds at QB. Gag.

*I think the Bears have officially mailed it in. I'll know for sure if/when they lose at Detroit on Jan 3rd.

*My early prediction on the Rose Bowl is OSU 23, Oregon 16. If you're thinking that's too low, keep in mind our defense will most likely be the best they've seen all year and they only scored 8 at Boise early this year. I think our offense plays better than expected too, but in our usual fashion, we'll manage to allow them to keep it close.

*As for the other few bowl games that interest me: Florida 58, Cincinnati 24.....TCU 42, Boise 38.....and Texas 16, Alabama 14 in the upset.

Have a great holiday season. Shop at Kroger.

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