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Random Musings - December 24, 2009

*I've said for a few years now that a 12th team would help the Big Ten's national perception and keep us relavent into December, but wouldn't necessarily help the conference in bowls or in the current system. The BCS, as messed up as it is, has actually benefited the Big Ten and especially OSU since it's inception. Problem is, at some point, maybe by 2014, the BCS will cede to a playoff and we'll need to play into December to stay relavent as the seeds and invitations are sorted out. There are some efinite risks, but the Big Ten must evolve to stay competitive on a national scale.

In addition, everyone only mentions football when discussing Big Ten expansion. However, expansion would definitely benefit the other 30+ sports and academics, especially when considering exposure and overall reach. I for one would love to see a 12 or 14 team megaconference in basketball.

*For the first time in over 8-9 years, I think I need a break from fantasy. Still love it but seeing my All-Stars sink in December and get beat by minor league douchers in December gets old. Need a break. The most painful loss is still 2-3 years ago when I lost to a team in the championship led by Sage Rosenfelds at QB. Gag.

*I think the Bears have officially mailed it in. I'll know for sure if/when they lose at Detroit on Jan 3rd.

*My early prediction on the Rose Bowl is OSU 23, Oregon 16. If you're thinking that's too low, keep in mind our defense will most likely be the best they've seen all year and they only scored 8 at Boise early this year. I think our offense plays better than expected too, but in our usual fashion, we'll manage to allow them to keep it close.

*As for the other few bowl games that interest me: Florida 58, Cincinnati 24.....TCU 42, Boise 38.....and Texas 16, Alabama 14 in the upset.

Have a great holiday season. Shop at Kroger.

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Catching Up - December 7, 2009

The Tiger Woods thing is fascinating on so many levels. I could probably write at least 1,000 words on it, but I won't do that to my friends. Also, the 30+ people that actually read this blog probably would skip it anyway, haha. Just some quick thoughts instead:

*Many have said they feel sorry for Tiger. I don't. He is simply paying the price for the dangerous combination of bad decision-making and fame. When the two collide, this is what you get, and it's no one elses fault but his. Its his fault, he owns it.

*Many are blaming the media for dragging this story through the mud and getting into Tiger's business. It's not the media's fault, it's Tiger's fault. Don't cheat on your wife with pancake house waitresses, and the media won't have anything to talk about. Its Tiger's situation to own.

*Many that aren't golf fans now think less of Tiger. I'm one of them. I guess he's not as smart or strong as we gave him credit for all of these years. He's not smart for obvious reasons. He's not strong because he's married, had urges and opportunities, and caved. Wussy.

*Many that are golf fans don't think less of Tiger. I understand. Most of golf fans are men. Men can separate the two (Tiger as a golfer and Tiger as a person). He's still a good golfer despite maybe not being a good person. Golf fans will still root for him. I never really rooted for him anyway. I was fine with him winning but never wanted him to beat Jack's records. Maybe this derails him enough to keep Jack at the top. Go Bucks.

*The phone messages, the text messages, etc.. tell me once again that these celebrities are no different than the rest of us. He had no more confidence dealing with these ladies than the rest of us did in high school. We're all the same...some of us are just better golfers.

*Lastly, if Tiger wanted to enjoy his fame in this way, then carve out a smarter life plan. Don't get married, then you can date/sleep with whoever you want. Ask Derek Jeter how that plan is working out.

I'm happy and sad:

I'm happy to make the playoffs in one fantasy league and sad to barely miss them in the other. Amazingly, the teams are identical at the core except for 2 players which made the difference. That's how difficult fantasy football is...and 2 players is the the difference between 9-5 in the playoffs and 8-6 outside of them.

I'm sad for the Bears, who had a really disappointing season but one that didn't surprise me too much. Such is life in the NFL.

I'm happy that the Steelers really, really suck. In related news, I'm happy that their fans have finally shut the hell up for a while.

I'm happy for the Bengals and all of my Bengal fans. They SHOULD beat anyone in the AFC aside from the Colts, and they CAN beat the Colts.

I'm sad for myself and the rest of Buckeye Nation. I doubt I'm the only one who has looked back at our two losses and gotten pissed. Of all the years to get USC at home when they finish 4th in the PAC-10...and not beat them! And of all the years to take a dump at Purdue. And of all the years to see Texas struggle against a poor Nebraska team and know that OSU could be there undefeated...waiting...AUGH!

On the contrary, I'm somewhat happy for the sake of Buckeye Nation that maybe we did lose a game or two. I'm thinking that if we were undefeated...that 1/3rd of Buckeye Nation jumps out a window as Texas pulls out that game against Nebraska. Then the other 1/3rd jumps out a window as the bowl announcements are made last Sunday night...and Texas remains #2 despite the fact that they were give a game they should have lost and that they aren't that good anyway. Then the final 1/3rd goes and burns something to the ground...anything...and gets locked away until Jan 2nd. So maybe for our mental health we're better off.

I'm sad that Cincinnati, TCU, and Boise St fans have no frickin' perspective. They are all getting $12 million bowl checks for their BCS appearances, and all they want to do is BMW (bitch, moan, whine) about not getting respect and having to go to a bowl they didn't want to go to. Shut the hell up. As Colin said on Monday, they are like the fat girl who didn't get a hot date to the prom. Just be happy you got invited. Cincinnati couldn't cover/stop Jeff Riley, Ben Wills, or Justin Hobbs in a game of touch football. TCU can't even sell out there home games in an undefeated season. Boise St play on blue turf that they call "Smurf Turf" and they want respect? All three teams are terrible. Get over it.

I'm happy for my Buckeye Nation fans in Cincinnati, who have had to put up with idiot Bearcat fans all year. Cincinnati will get beat 98-2 against Florida. They can't cover anyone now, how do they expect to stop Florida? Regardless of losing their coach, they will get pummeled.

I'm happy for Brian Kelly, sad for their players, and don't feel sorry for their fans. If you're Kelly, you have to take the job, and take it now. I could go on about this for 1,000 words too, but the best argument is that if he waits to take it after the bowl game and loses 98-2, maybe he doesn't get offered the job. Anyone care to pass up $4 million a year just to coach a team against Florida in a game that means nothing? Didn't think so. Sure, I feel bad for his players, who have a right to be upset. And even though it's the right thing to do for him, I can't ask the players to gain perspective and understand it. It is what it is (that one's for you Jake).

The fans, however, need to get some perspective, and most of the following examples I got from Colin on Friday (the opinions are mine, the examples are Colin's that back me up): Brian Kelly brought them NFL players and an undefeated season. The university is getting a $12 million check and new facilities. The program is now on a much higher level versus 3-4 years ago. And they are pissed at him? Get some perspective. They should be having a parade in his honor. Notre Dame is a better job. Get over it, like you didn't see this coming? And we didn't see Cincy fans getting upset and egging houses when Kelly left Central Michigan before their bowl game to come to Cincy...hmmm. Colin's best analogy: If you want to be safe in life, date 6's and they'll never leave you, and you get what you get. But if you want to take risks and be with the best, date 9's and 10's...just don't be surprised if/when they leave you. Nothing wrong with it, just don't be shocked and bitter. Move on and get another 9 or 10. Cincy hired a buy who was smart and moving upward. Now they are pissed/bitter/shocked that he's smart and moving upward. Get a clue.

I'm happy for Allen Iverson. Great press conference and he's back where he the NBA.

I'm sad for Greg Oden and Evan Turner. I'm more sad for Evan Turner, who will most likely have to come back next year and prove himself all over again. I'm also sad for the Buckeyes, who would've beaten Butler on Saturday with Evan, and who's season will suffer (even in March when he returns) without him.

I'm happy for bowl season, even though I may watch 4-5 of the games and I'm only interested in about 12 of them.

I'm sad that fantasy football is close to coming to an end already. Time flies.

I'm happy that we only have one more Tebow game, thank goodness, good riddance, bye.

Finally, a great link to some memorable games of the 00's:
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Happy Thanksgiving 2009 - November 30, 2009

Had a great holiday, hope the rest of you did, too.

Horrible football weekend for me. The Bears got slaughtered, which pretty much ends their hopes of a playoff berth. Went 0-2 in fantasy, getting killed by injuries in both leagues and made poor decisions in another. One of those weekends where I could barely watch last night's game (I actually only watched about 10 plays of it) but am forcing myself to watch most of tonight's game. Need a break from it this week and start back fresh next week I guess.

I seriously think that Andy Reid was playing against LeSean McCoy in his own fantasy league on Sunday. Why in the world would he run a rookie (Early Buckley?) with only 5 career carries twice from the 1 yard line to beat the Redskins? I smell conspiracy.

Vince Young and the Titans...never been a big fan of Vince Young's, but I'm a fan of his god-given talent and this Titans resurgence has been fun to watch.

I picked New England to win 37-31 tonight. Right now it's 7-3 Pats.

My only regret in not watching last night's game was missing Chris Collinsworth call the game last night, I've said it before but he's by far the best. It only comes to mind again because these guys on Monday night are such slurpers. Some guy named Earl Buckley could take off for a 20 yard run for his only carry of the game, and Gruden and Jaws would talk him up like he's Walter Payton. Tirico is good and he brings some sanity to the broadcast, but those other two never have a bad thing to say about anyone else. Strap on a pair, ladies.

I think Hines Ward needs to go away, shut the heck up, or perhaps both?

I think Jake Delhomme needs to go away, stop throwing horrible passes, or perhaps both?

I think Tim Tebow needs to just go away. Puke.

I'll probably watch the entire Oregon - Oregon State game on Thursday night, and not root for anyone. It will be fun to scout both teams, not really knowing who we will play. Can't remember the last time this happened, but it should be fun.

Have a great week. Hard to believe it's December already. We're all getting old. At least we're doing it together.

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Ohio State 21, Michigan 10 - November 22, 2009

*My overall take on the game is that if you take away Michigan's mistakes, the teams actually played pretty even. That said, I never really felt that we were ever really in danger of losing the game. It seemed like we were just toying with them, playing a very conservative game and waiting for them to make mistakes. And as always, our defense won the game, with their patented bend-don't-break style.

*I felt we beat them badly in three main areas: talent, preparation, and execution. I also feel that as long as Tressel and Rich Rod remain the coaches, we'll continue to beat them for these same reasons.

*The game was closer than most anticipated, but again, it seemed like it ended up that way because we wanted it to. Never seemed like the game was out of our control.

*The crowd has littered with Buckeyes, we even got the O-H-I-O chant going early in the 4th quarter, which was a highlight. Their fans (outside of a few drunk/idiot students) were pretty mild, most of them conceding their fate long before kickoff. After the game, most talk was littered with if's, and's, and but's, most revolving around their 5 turnovers.

*The steady progression of our O-line continues. We threw for only 67 yards but only needed to throw 13 times. Our running game was bruising again, which bodes well for the bowl game and next season. Love it.

*Rich Rod is a complete dope. My seat was on their sidelines about 15 rows up. He never looks "in control" on the sidelines and his emotions are all over the place. One play he's calm and talks to his players. The next, he's cussing up a storm and screaming at his assistants or one of his players. Makes me appreciate Tressel even more.

*They'll keep Rich Rod another year at least, but you have to wonder. This season was another disaster, and his press conference had to make the Michigan faithful scratch their heads. I understand the disappointment but he seemed like he was at the end of his rope.

*I liked the uniforms for one game but wouldn't enjoy having to look at them permanently. I missed the buckeyes on the helmets the most.

*Looking forward to a bowl game we should win. Oregon or Oregon State will each be interesting challenges. Seeing Tressel coach 'em up in the Rose Bowl will be cool to see.

*There's no feeling like leaving that stadium with a win. Nothing like it.

*See the still shot below of my cousins Eric (#5) and Kevin (#88) interviewed by Big Ten Network hottie Melanie Collins on the Pregame Tailgate Show.

Other stuff...

*Last Sunday night...I quickly want to say that I agreed with Belichek's decision last Sunday to go for it on 4th down. The best way for me to describe it is this way: When I originally assumed the Pats would punt to the Colts with 2 minutes to go, I said to myself, 'holy crap the Colts are going to win this.' When the Pats decided to go for it, I said 'holy crap, the Pats are going to win this.' They needed under 2 yards with that offense.

*I've never been a huge fan, but I become more and more impressed with Ricky Williams natural-born talent. Looking at his apparent lack of interest in the game throughout his career, he shoulda been out of the league years ago. But he continues to get results. I think he's just one of those guys that have 'it'.

*The Iverson situation reminds me of the end of Sprewell's career. All of the natural-born talent in the world, and just can't let his enormous ego accept any other role than superstar.

*Nice to see both the Browns and the Lions compete today. Great game, and especially great now that I don't have to hear about it (Lions) up here for the next three days.

*It's Sunday November 22 at 11:24pm, and Michigan Still Sucks. So do my Bears, apparently. Sigh.

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Michigan Week - November 19, 2009

Had to set a co-worker straight on a few things this week via email. Here it is below...

Speaking of twisted...allow me to share some real-world perspective and “un-twist” things for everyone:

· Michigan’s consistent claim of 11 national championships is laughable. They actually only have 1.5, the rest of the alleged 9 ‘championships’ occurred before 1936, when there was no true ‘national champion’ recognized. All of our national championships (all 7 of them) are all officially recognized, and all of them after 1936, when football was actually acknowledged on a national level. For some perspective on this, Princeton officially claims 28 national championships dating back to 1869. Give me a break.

· The national recognition of collegiate football started in 1936. Since that time, Ohio State has 7 national championships. Michigan has 2, but we all know it’s actually 1.5, and it should actually be 1, but Michigan shared their ‘national championship’ with Nebraska in 1997, which was the year before the BCS started. This was a year in which we all know that Nebraska would have beaten Michigan by a score of at least 52-9 had the BCS started a year earlier.

· Since 1936……again, the nationally recognized era of modern football……Michigan has an edge of 35-34-4, which we will even up after Saturday. So assuming we will even the series this Saturday, let’s recap:

1. Series 35-35-4, soon to be tied 35-35-4 if things hold up.
2. National Championships…..OSU 7, Michigan 1.5.
3. Heismans (which started in 1935)…….OSU 7, Michigan 3.
4. Bowl Appearances (not including this year)…….OSU 40,Mich 39.
5. Consensus All-Americans (not including this year)…..OSU 130, Mich 126.

· But why live in the past? Let’s look at now:

1. Current NFL players…..OSU 37, Michigan 34.
2. Jim Tressel’s record vs Michigan…..7-1.
3. Rich Rod’s record vs Ohio State….0-1.
4. Rich Rod’s current overall Big Ten record….3-12.
5. BCS bowl appearances….OSU 8, Michigan 4.
6. Overall Big Ten Championships since 2000….OSU 5 (in a row), Michigan 3.
7. Outright Big Ten Championships since 2000…OSU 3, Michigan 1.
8. BCS National Championship appearances…OSU 3, Michigan 0.
9. BCS National Championships…..OSU 1, Michigan 0.

So who are the real champs?

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Week 11: OSU 27, Iowa 24, OT - November 15, 2009

*Great game overall. OT at the shoe on a perfect day of football with a Rose Bowl berth on the line always makes for a good Saturday. If we win. Whew.

*I was frustrated most of the 4th quarter, both at letting them back into the game with the kickoff return AND and Iowa's good fortune on their game-tying drive (our silly defensive offsides penalty that negated an INT return for touchdown...and our safety basically taking away a sure INT from our corner that popped up into the air and fell into their TE's arms).

*MVP's for us were our RB's, who both had great games both up the middle and on the edges. Herron's stiff-arm on his wildcat TD was sweet, and seeing Saine show off that speed on the edges was refreshing. The OL deserves some credit as well, but they seemed to have just as many stinker plays as positive plays, especially in the final quarter.

*MVP's for Iowa had to be their O-line, who gave a freshman QB all the time he needed pretty much all night. Our D-line spent the night in the Penn St backfield last weekend, but yesterday the only times we reached their QB were on blitzes, which wasn't very often. Iowa's O-line had a great day.

*A loss for us would have pointed to our special teams play, which was horrendous in all phases. One badly missed field goal, obviously the kickoff return, terrible punts, and Ray Small got blown up on all but one kickoff return. Outside of their TD, Iowa was close to returning a few others as well.

*Goats for Iowa has to be their receivers and TE's, who dropped several key balls that would have definitely helped their cause. This doesn't include McNutt, who is turning into a downright stud who's dangerous both deep and in the slot.

*It doesn't get much more conservative than that gameplan we saw yesterday. Maybe he opens it up a little bit next week? Can't wait to find out.

*Lastly, our defense once again saves the day. The tackle for loss and sack in overtime won the game. Here we come Pasadena...

*It's officially Michigan week. I told my co-workers 41-17 a few weeks ago. I guess I'll stick with that.


*The Bears game was really hard to watch on Thursday. Obviously the Bears looked terrible, but so did SF, who were fortunate to prepare for the short week after a home game the Sunday before with no travel. The NFL network continues to give us shoddy production and sound, and I can't remember a game where more flags hit the field. Ugly.

*Cutler had a bad game but 2 or possibly 3 of those picks weren't his fault. Our O-line continues to be terrible, therefore we can't give Cutler the time and can't get Forte going. In addition, we can't seem to stay healthy on defense, but at least Alex Brown didn't punch anyone's lights out this time. And so it goes...

*Wow, the Saints D really missed Darren Sharper.

*It's hard to explain, but at least the Lions are competing. Even in today's 27-10 game, they gave the Vikes a decent game. They just can't finish and continue to make bad mistakes at the wrong times. But they don't seem clueless and inept like last year.

*I don't know if Vince Young will ever be a good NFL QB, but he at least makes the Titans fun to watch again.

*I know Chris Johnson is a good RB, but why does it seem like he never gets touched on many of his runs/catches. Either he's just that fast or their schemes to get him into the open field are the best I've seen.

*The Bengals....freakin' awesome. Again, I'm happy for the Bungles and my Bungle friends and of course I'm rooting for them. Hopefully Benson is not hurt that badly and can they please find someone to handle a freakin' snap and hold on PAT's? At some point that will cost them a win. And the Steelers lost....HAHAHAHAHA.

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Week 10, OSU 24, Penn St 7

*Great weekend of football. Near-perfect weekend, actually. Only blimp was another Bears debacle. Weather was unbelievable.

*I was wrong, I’ll admit it, but I guess that’s one of the things that makes football so fun. We really don’t have any idea what’s going to happen. I don’t like the fact that I doubted my team, but I thought I had every right to do so. I’m not sure if the Bucks are better than I thought or if Penn St was much worse.

*We made the game look easy. We were in control the entire game, in pretty much all facets. The only thing that made me nervous is that we’ve all seen us lose games we’ve been in control of in the past. I’ll give the most credit to the D-line and Heyward, who couldn’t be contained at all.

*I still say we whip Iowa on Saturday, which clinches the Rose Bowl for us. Sweet.

*I can't believe there are only 2 games left.

*The Michigan game was really funny and really predictable. They want Rich Rod’s hide up here. I think I predicted 6-6 at the beginning of the year for them, looks like they might go 5-7. Assuming they lose this weekend at Wisconsin, they will have something to play for against us, outside of the rivalry. But as bad as we’ve looked at times, I honestly can’t see them beating us in any scenario, unless Pryor has 4-5 turnovers again.

*You ever have that feeling that your fantasy teams are just due to go off? I had that feeling all week last week.

*The Bears are in trouble for 2 main reasons and a ton of other little reasons. 1) They can’t stay healthy on D at all. For those that couldn’t watch it, we lost Harris to ejection on the 4th play of the game, then lost Hillenmeyer, Tillman, and Afalava all to injury early in the game. 2) Our schedule the rest of the way is brutal. Need some big wins in the next 2-3 weeks.

*Needed to beat Arizona at home. Crap. Now we have to travel across the country to SF for a Thursday night game. Yikes.

*I love the Tampa Bay 80’s uniforms, and only because seeing them makes me think of the 1980’s when I fell in love with football. Plus they beat the Packers in them, which I love. And that game also reminded me of when the Bucs were in our division.

*I wish Santonio Holmes would quit pointing downfield on every first down. It’s just bush-league.

*I owe the Cowboys credit for finally getting some quality wins. We’ll see long-term if doubting them will prove correct in the long term.

*I’m happy for the Bungles and my Bungle friends. They owned the Ravens on Sunday, which is awesome. They’ve got 4 jokers on their schedule the rest of the way, so I’m thinking they will definitely make the playoffs and hopefully win the division. That’s cool and long overdue.

*Everyone is asking me if I’m bitter about Cedric Benson’s success in Cincy. Everyone forgets how bad he was in Chicago, and he’s even admitted it. Plus, we had Thomas Jones, who was by for the better back. I’m perfectly fine with it, especially since I have him on one of my fantasy teams.

*As for Kyle Orton, I’m sitting here watching the Kyle Orton I watched in Chicago for a few years…he’s not that good.

*I love that commercial where Mac makes fun of Windows. The Windows guy promises that all of the Windows Vista problems are fixed with Windows 7, and so the same promises are heard all the way back to the '80's from Windows 3.1. As I sit here and use Windows XP.

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Week 9: OSU 45, New Mexico St 0-November 2, 2009

I just have a few comments from Saturday’s game. Much like last week, I feel a little guilty that most of these are negative, but that’s the price the program pays for their success over the years...

*Nice win, another shutout, but still a lot of work to do. Seems like we are running out of time to fix our issues. I can’t believe there are only 3 games left.

*Pryor’s decision-making is still awful most of the time. Not only on passes, but also on runs. Countless times on Saturday, he cut outside trying to make a play when nothing was there…he still refuses to take the easy 3 yards and cut inside. Instead, he tries to cut outside for a bigger play, and loses a yard or worse. And this was against New Mexico State. Folks, he’s just not getting it. Any of it.

*Posey’s TD throw was the best-looking, most accurate pass I’ve seen all year from OSU. Yikes. Lost in all of that…love the play call!

*Pettrey misses 2 more field goals, then gets hurt. Again, this will catch up with us before the year is over…

*Defense obviously needs to win the game at Penn St for us to win. I see them playing tough, but right now I see a 19-13 loss over there, and I almost never predict an OSU loss (though I did for USC this year). I just don’t see us winning that game, and I hope I’m wrong.

Random stuff…

*Michigan football (all teams in the state) is in the crapper again. For a little perspective on the mood up here, click the below link, go to the bottom under “Podcasts” and click “Play” under “Mike reacts to the Halloween weekend football games.” Forward through the first minute of radio lowlights to get to his comments…LOL. Valenti is great. It will probably only be up for a few days…then go to archives.

*Nice win for the Bears, but it’s sorta like OSU beating New Mexico State……we’ll take the win and it feels good, but what have I really learned about my team?

*So now I have to suck it up and give the Vikings and Favre some credit. They looked good yesterday and that was a big win. We still play them twice, and their defense is reeling, but they do look good.

*I am happy for Ted Ginn, but I doubt many Buckeye fans are surprised. He always seemed to fit the mold of kick returner versus a #1 wide receiver. I hope he continues to do well. He won the game for the Dolphins yesterday by himself.

*The Celtics signing Rondo was a great move, I’m a huge fan of his, he’s a great pointguard….I see him as simply a straight-up baller who happens to be a very smart player.

*I think Larry Johnson needs to go away.

*Michelle Beadle in Gunslingers commercial...I'm telling you, I love her in that T-shirt....see link below.

*Michael Jenkins is terrible, what is up?

*Time change...a radio DJ up here was talking about it last week, and said "One of the best things about the time change is that you get to play God 2 times a year. Eight o'clock? I think I'll make it seven o'clock..." I loved that comment.

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